Exercise update

I thought I'd give you a very quick exercise update. Since I first posted about my weight loss challenge, I have lost over 5kg or 11lbs. I haven't changed my diet and I am only in the gym once a week. I try to also go swimming once a week, but through being at university I am also walking loads more.

However, last week I encountered an unexpected high heel knee injury (I shouldn't be allowed to wear them), so I didn't go to the gym. Today when I weighed myself I fully expected to have put on a little bit because I haven't been able to exercise. However, I had lost two and a half pounds!

I think that's mainly down to me giving up chocolate for lent!

Today I made sure I went to the gym but, as my knee is still a bit sore, I didn't do my usual run, I stuck on the cross trainer instead. Not as rewarding a gym session, but at least I've done some exercise.

I've also been thinking about investing in the 30 day shred DVD as I've heard so many good things about it. I don't think I'd get a chance to do it every day though. Have any of you had any experience of dipping in and out of it? Maybe only doing two sessions a week. I can't imagine I'll get a change to do any more than that.

Oh, I nearly forgot. On Saturday I tried some pre-children jeans on and they fitted! I haven't worn them in three years. I don't think I'm quite a size 12 yet but at least I know I'm not far off!