My Alternative Gallery.

There's no gallery post today but I thought I'd share some pictures from the last few days with you.

As the girl has chicken pox, we've been having some time together at home. Whilst we're not meant to go out, I had to go and get her some cream for the spots. I stayed away from the main streets, which meant we went down past the canal. The bobbing boats waiting for the visitors to flock to the town when it warms up a bit.

 We went to feed the ducks together. The girl loves the ducks (and the two geese who joined them). We were dive-bombed by hungry seagulls desperate for some of our hard old bread!

As we walked along the canal-side it was so nice to see the fabulous bright yellow daffodils starting to flower.

We followed the tourist boat, on it's journey towards the castle.

Where we found some inquisitive ducks who were out of luck as our bread had run out by then!

From the canal, we walked past the church at the top of the high street, peeking out from behind the bare trees.

When we got home we looked at the flowers in our garden. The garden is a patch at the front of the house about 3m by 1m - it's tiny! Soon our daffodils and tulips will be out and the whole area will be so bright.

 My little girl seems to be really suffering with chicken pox. When my son had it last year he was absolutely fine. She has a high temperature, doesn't want to eat or drink anything but milk and is scratching constantly, even with Piriton. I hope she's nearly over the worst of it. She barely slept last night and I don't think either of us can face another evening like that!