Monday, 12 March 2012

The Pox!

The pox...

It started with one spot. 

One very large spot. 

The spot taunted us for two days with its solidarity.

"There'd be more if it was chicken pox though wouldn't there?" my husband and I debated with each other.

And then more came.

Then some more.

Spreading across her face and torso.

They are still coming.






Poorly girl.

Poorly timed (luckily two essay extensions granted).

On a positive note, I'd totally forgotten how easy looking after just one child is! We've had such lovely time together which is so very rare these days.

I only hope the pox passes quickly and with little irritation for the girl.

I might have cabin fever by the end of the week. Wish me luck!


  1. A nannie that goes to our toddler group just told me the most important thing is to keep the skin really moisturised to keep itching and scarring at bay. Hope she recovers soonest.

    1. Thank you. That's a good tip. She has them all over her face so I'll keep her moisturised. When my son had it he didn't get any on his face!

  2. aww bless hope they go down soon poor thing x

    1. Thank you. She woken up today with them everywhere. Poor girl.

  3. The same happened to me when i got them (i was 26!!) one big ugly spot for a few days before the rest hit.. Poor wee thing i got a mousse from Boots that was for chicken pox for my wee one, worked a treat...

    1. Wow - it's meant to be horrid when you're older! I went to Boots yesterday to get the mousse but they were shut due to a power failure! I feel awful having to drag her out when she's poorly though. I'll have to go back today and see if they've got it!

  4. My baby has the pox, loads on her face, in her hair, all over her body but the worst place is in her nappy, poor little love is really suffering! Horrible thing!


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