Quick! Run!

It's official, I think being a kid is great!

My son has just started getting really imaginative and it's brilliant.

At the weekend we went into town for our usual Saturday trip. But this time was different. 

We were chased by a dragon most of the way.

We hid behind cars, lamp-posts, doors and chairs in the coffee shop. We whispered, we giggled, we shouted.

We skipped along the pavement once the dragon had gone.

Then we jumped through town, making sure not to step on any cracks in the pavement else the bears would chase us home!

The carefree way that a child behaves is wonderful. No inhibitions, no worries, the world is a good place.

Huddling with him giggling and whispering behind a car I thought how amazing his life must be at the moment. At three, your mind filled with stories, dreams and hopes. It is wonderful to be able to share these moments with him. Even for a small amount of time, being a child is brilliant.

Make sure, with your children that you enjoy it, treasure it and, most of all, nourish it. Imagination really is a fabulous thing.