Sweetcorn bites review

We were recently sent some Sweetcorn Bites to review. They are small corn on the cobs, perfect for little hands, or for bigger hands wanting a snack.

I realised when I received them that my son had never had sweetcorn on the cob before. However, he didn't question it and soon tucked in. He loves sweetcorn normally, and he loved the novelty of eating it  on the cob. In fact, I completely forgot that I had previously bought him the green handles to stick into a corn on the cob to make it easier to eat.

The sweetcorn is a perfect 'bite size' which means that it is great for children. One portion is a great addition to a meal and, as your child gets older, you could maybe give them two.

I'd say they were a success!

This is a great product. It is a snack for a grown up (which can be eaten hold or cold), or an accompaniment for a child with a main meal. It is good quality and tastes great. 

If you have ever bought a whole corn on the cob before, you will know how hard it is to cut through it. So, from a lazy perspective, this saves you having to get a chainsaw out to cut a corn on the cob to the correct size!

I would highly recommend sweetcorn bites. They are a great alternative to buying canned sweetcorn, but also a fantastic snack.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review and was allowed to keep it. This in no way had any effect on the review. I will always write honestly about a product.