A trip to the theatre

Yesterday the boy and I went for a trip to the theatre. We went to see the Chris and Pui Roadshow. It was the boy's first ever theatre visit. Needless to say, he was very excited! We went to Leeds Grand Theatre, which is about an hour away from our home. To get there we caught the first train into Leeds, looking at the beautiful scenery on the way.

We met up with a friend and her daughter for breakfast in Leeds station. The boy was very well behaved, although he insisted on showing everyone in the building the 'Woody' t-shirt he was wearing.

After our breakfast we walked up to the theatre, jumping over cracks in the pavement every metre or so.

As we neared the theatre the amount of small children around us increased, as did my son's excitement.

Once inside the theatre, we climbed up the stairs to our seats.

We we lucky that we had fantastic seats and the boy had a wonderful unobstructed view of the stage. He had an absolute ball. Dancing, singing, clapping, shouting.

I was so proud of my little boy, he was impeccably behaved all day long. He was rewarded for his fabulous behaviour with an ice cream in the interval! 

The show was brilliant and perfect for a three year old.
When we put our son to bed last night he asked if he could go and see Chris and Pui again tomorrow!
I've explained that going to the theatre is a big treat which we don't get to do very often.
He's already extremely excited about his next trip - to see The Wiggles in York!