The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs)

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in the BiB awards. With your help I was shortlisted in the Fresh Voices category with 19 other blogs! Thank you so much for voting. I really do appreciate it. In order to become one of the eight finalists, I need your vote again.

I am so ridiculously happy to have been shortlisted. In fact, there were over 12,000 nominations, so I am utterly gobsmacked to have made a shortlist of 20 blogs. The other blogs really are fantastic (although I probably shouldn't say that), so I am honoured to be shortlisted alongside such great writers.

'You're not from round here' was created to prove to my husband that it is possible to find time to write in amongst a hectic schedule. Since then, my time has become even more scarce as I started full-time at university. Some days I struggle to find things to write about and other days I write three or four posts and store them up!

I love the online community of bloggers that I have since discovered. I feel a part of something. A place where people are supportive of each other and help you out with random queries. Writing this blog has unearthed a creative side of me which I didn't know existed. I always thought I couldn't write and this is so far proving me wrong. The blog is also such a good way of documenting my children's lives. The date my daughter got chicken pox, or the date she first walked would probably otherwise have been forgotten.

I have begun to ramble now, so I shall get back to the point of this post. If you think that my blog deserves to be a finalist, then please vote for me by clicking on the link below. The form is easy to fill in and will take about two minutes of your time. Voting closes on the 30th of April. Thank you!

Fresh Voices Shortlist