I'm average!

Another thing which happened whilst we were away over Easter was that I got the results from my latest economics exam.

I am beyond delighted to let you know that I passed. And I passed with a good mark. I was bang on average with my score, but I really passed. No scraping though. A proper pass.

I'm sure you understand my excitement. I haven't studied maths for 14 years and I have had to work SO hard just to be average. Everyone else has recently left school, and not had two children to sap every ounce of  knowledge from their brain. Seriously, I don't even know what a carrot is called sometimes and I find my home phone in the fridge far too often!

It makes my student finance predicament even more telling. I still don't know what to do and whether or not I have to defer for a few years until we can afford it. My MP is on the case though which is really helpful.

But for now I am concentrating on getting through the next term and my exams. I am pleased that I'm doing well in philosophy and politics and that economics is finally getting up to scratch!

Here's hoping I can manage the revision!