A lesson in lambing

Last Saturday we visited a children's farm in Brecon. It's a lovely place. It's a bit rough around the edges but the staff are fabulous and that pretty much makes it!

We got there as the farm opened as both children still need a long sleep at lunchtime so we had to leave by one. I had checked the timetable and saw that we could feed the lambs at 11.30.

We were told there were three reasons why the lambs might not be with their mum. The young man telling us the story asked the audience (of young children and their parents) where we thought the lamb's mum might be. Sitting in front of us was a young boy called Elijah who put his hand straight into the air. He was picked and was asked where the lamb's mum might be. "In the oven" was his response!

Clearly a good welsh farmer's son!

The first reason was that the ewe only had enough milk for two lambs but if she had three lambs then the staff would have to care for one.

Then the young man got the children guessing again for the second reason, he said the word began with an R. 

"We're talking about rejection girls and boys"! 

Pretty deep stuff for a room of children.

The final reason was that their Mum might have died! 

After our happy lesson in life, the boy got stuck in to feeding the rejected lambs!

There was still time for a bounce on the trampoline before we headed home for bed.