A visit to London

Regular readers will know we've been on a family visiting frenzy recently. I don't know why I can't just visit them all one at a time but it appears that my ability to take too much on extends to family too!

After a stopover in Leicester to break the journey up, we headed down to Watford, our base for four days. The in-laws house has three bedrooms and just about fits us all in. Luckily there is a fantastic park nearby so that the boy could let off steam!

On the Saturday we went to see my best friend and my God-daughter whose birthday party it was. It was her fifth birthday, which would be normal for most children, but she was born at 23 weeks, so every birthday she has I marvel at her determination and ability to prove everyone wrong! She continues to astound me - her speech having improved so much since starting school. It's great seeing my best friend too. We so rarely get to see each other these days.

On the Sunday, we went to Cbeebies Live, having won the tickets from ChelseaMamma. The boy was ridiculously excited on the tube with his younger cousin (although she is much taller than him).

I can't get over the fact that my son has already been to Wembley Arena at the age of 3. I went there first at the age of 14 to see Take That! Cbeebies Live is a great show. It was quite loud and I think the boy was equally terrified and excited at the same time. Overall he loved it though and keeps asking when we are going to go again. 

The next day we went into London to the Natural History Museum. We set off early, amid disgruntled tube passengers, concerned their journey would be disrupted. I've never seen so many grumpy faces in such a small space!

It was a beautiful day and the building is simply stunning!

Even though we got there for 10am, we still had to queue to get in! 

But it was worth it - the dinosaurs are excellent and there is so much to see and do. The girl managed to sleep all throughout the dinosaurs though!

And then back to Watford, in time for a lunchtime sleep! It was great to get into London and do things with the children. One day we'll take them to the different places we used to live in London.

If anyone else is stuck for something to do in London (as if!) then I would highly recommend the Natural History Museum, even with young children. My son is only three and he absolutely loved it!