We're moving!

As you're reading this, we are moving house. It's been a long time coming. Our house was on the market last year and sold within a week, until this happened. Our buyer failed to tell anyone that she had pulled out of our sale, leaving us plodding on unnecessarily with a purchase.

But last Friday we exchanged contracts on our house. Luckily the house we were previously buying was still on the market so we are moving into the house we originally wanted.

I am so, so sad to be leaving our house. We have poured blood, sweat and tears into this house. I have learnt to build walls, tile bathrooms, wallpaper and grout. We have torn walls down and rebuilt them, all sorts of stuff. This house has been our home for nearly eight years and so much has changed in that time (not least the addition of two children to our family). But we only have two bedrooms and have simply outgrown this house. So I am probably in tears as you're reading this, whilst struggling with a box or two!

The new house is the same size as ours but spread out over four floors. Yes, you read that right. FOUR floors. By the time I get to Cybher I'll be a size 10 and by BritMums I'll be an 8, with three flights of stairs to climb every day! We also have an en-suite bathroom. I think this means we are posh!

Unfortunately, our house was on the market before I started university and it was only when we accepted an offer at the beginning of March that we realised that we couldn't actually afford to move! Luckily my Mum has been an absolute lifesaver and has lent us some money so that we can get to a bigger house.

So I might not be able to write many blog posts over the next couple of weeks whilst I struggle to get broadband set up in the new place. Bear with me please!

Finally, I wanted to ask that if you like my blog, and think it deserves it, please could you vote for me in the BiB awards where I have been shortlisted in the Fresh Voices category! I made a shortlist of 20 blogs but I can't make the finals without your help! Thank you, and sorry for asking.