Monday, 28 May 2012

Skeanie - a shoe review

 blog with Bloglovin</a>A review of Skeanie Mary-Jane Junior Shoes

We were recently sent some shoes by Skeanie for my daughter to try out. We were sent the Mary-Jane junior shoes in white. I was initially concerned about the fact that they are white as my daughter gets very dirty when she plays out in playgrounds and the park. However, they wipe clean so I needn't have worried. My daughter started walking in the past few months and occasionally still crawls around. I worried that she might wreck the front of them but they are hardy and have a rubber protector at the front.

What they say:

Skeanie shoes and boots are hand-crafted from high quality super-soft eco-leather, designed to nurture and protect little feet. All their products are Fair Trade. The junior range features a flexible rubber sole, ideal for protecting a little one’s feet, but ensuring the flexibility a growing child requires isn’t compromised.

Good points:

The back of the shoes are elasticated so it makes them really easy to put on. Especially useful with a wriggly toddler.

Lovely design.

Soft soles easy for walking

Bad points:

I found it quite hard to measure my daughter's feet accurately before ordering the shoes. As such, the ones we were sent only just fit!

Would I buy them?

Absolutely, I have already checked the website out and I will be buying some when she needs new shoes again. My daughter walks really well in them. She recently got some new shoes from a high street shop and her walking has been rather clumsy in them. These are the shoes she has been choosing to wear when we leave the house. Skeanie have a fantastic range, I will be getting my daughter some boots when the summer is over.

To find out more about the range, head over to Skeanie's website.

Especially for my blog readers, I have been given a 15% discount code for you to use if you decide to purchase anything on their website. Just enter the code mummybl0g and you will get a 15% discount.

Also, Skeanie are running a competition over on their facebook page to win a pair of shoes. To enter, click here.



  1. Replies
    1. They really are fab! The flexible soles are great. It's the best I've seen her walk in shoes.

  2. How is their sizing? I'm not sure whether to order slightly bigger or not.

    1. I would order a slightly bigger size, although as their sizing chart says, different sizes can vary! At least if you order a slightly bigger size they can grow into them, unlike if you order the normal size and it is too small! They are brilliant shoes.


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