Wake up Jeff - a Wiggles interview

Today I was given the opportunity to interview Jeff Fatt, the purple Wiggle. Earlier this month it was announced that the current tour will be the final time The Wiggles will tour together. At the end of this year, Greg, Murray and Jeff will be handing over their Wiggles skivvies to three new Wiggles who will join Anthony to take The Wiggles into a new future.

So here are my questions for Jeff.

We have to wake our son up about thirty times a day when he is pretending to be you. Whose idea was it that you would fall asleep so often?

I was the only member of The Wiggles who was not a pre-school teacher. It was initially a way of getting me involved without having to say anything. It is an extension of my personality though - I am very laid back.

Where is the most interesting place you have had to pretend to fall asleep?

I have fallen asleep all over the world but I guess the strangest place was hanging upside down on stage.

It must be such a physical job. Was your health one of the reasons that you decided to call it a day? (Jeff underwent emergency surgery last year to fit a pacemaker).

It was part of the reason, but the timing seemed to make sense. I will still be involved in song writing. I am sad not to be doing any more large shows. You draw a lot of energy from the enthusiastic audiences so it doesn't seem like hard work!

You are used to performing live for nearly a million fans worldwide each year. Will you miss performing and how will you replace it?

I will really miss performing, but there is a possibility of me making some cameo appearances in the future!

There are not many bands who have managed to stay together for 21 years. What do you think is different about The Wiggles?

There is a natural chemistry between us so it has not been an effort at all.

It is so hard juggling family life and work commitments. Are you looking forward to spending more time with family and friends?

I really love being a Wiggle and will miss it but yes, I am looking forward to spending more time with family and friends.

What are your personal highlights from the last 21 years?

Meeting celebrities who I am in awe of, Robert De Niro and John Fogerty to name a couple, and we collaborated with John Fogerty which was amazing. Also travelling all around the world has been great.

What can fans look forward to on your celebration tour?

Greg returning and all the favourite characters. We will be performing our classic numbers which the children want to hear and also a smattering of new numbers.

It is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year. How do you think that The Wiggles will be celebrating their diamond anniversary in 39 years time?

You'll have to ask us then! I'd love to think that The Wiggles will still be going. If all goes well, I will be not far off receiving a telegram from the Queen by then!

Comebacks are very in vogue. Do you think we will ever see an original Wiggles comeback tour?

I can't answer that at this stage. I don't really know where it will lead. The Wiggles are organic. It would be nice to do a one-off comeback tour though.

Thank you so much to Jeff for sparing me the time to interview him.

There are still tickets left for some of The Wiggles celebration tour dates. Have a look here and see if they are performing at a venue near you. It will most likely be your last chance to see all the original Wiggles perform together. What are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to write this post and the views in it are my own.