Friday, 15 June 2012

Dear So and So

Dear husband,

If you wouldn't mind not breaking your elbow again for at least the foreseeable future then I would be rather chuffed. It's really tough having to do everything whilst trying to revise and look after two children.No lie-in for a month is taking its toll and not sitting down until 8.30pm every night is not my idea of fun. I want to watch the football too!

Deserving a week (or two) off.

Your wife. x

Dear world

Would you mind just slowing down for a bit? I need a couple more hours a day to fit everything in.

Thanks in advance.

Dear TalkTalk,

Please don't sound so surprised when I asked when I could leave our contract. You cut off our neighbour's line and set ours up there, leaving us without a phone or the internet for five weeks. Then you send us a bill for the phone line which we never used. Yes you've apologised and refunded us, but I'm am fed up with the incompetence.


Dear wonderful person on Twitter

I hope you know who you are. You made me cry with your generosity and I am so grateful to you for all you have done.

Looking forward to a glass of wine with you.

Dear self,

Please stop freaking out about your exams. You simply have not got the time you would like to revise and you just have to accept that you will feel unprepared for your exams. Do the best that you can do and don't be disappointed with the results. They are not an accurate reflection of what you can achieve. If you have to do resits then don't be too disappointed. Life got tough, you can't control that.

It will be OK.
S. x



  1. I'd like the world to slow down to please. Time is just flying by at the moment x

    1. It certainly is. A pause button would be useful!

  2. Love the new look blog! I remember when I was little people always said that as you get older the world rushes by so much faster - how true that is, it must be a sign that we are having fun. Hope you are coping with everything with 'one man down' and that you have managed to watch some of the footie!

    1. Thank you. I have managed to watch some of the football. It's definitely tough by yourself!


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