Give Blood

I have given blood sporadically for around 12 years now. The last time I gave blood was on Valentine's Day and I wrote about it here. I was meant to have an appointment yesterday but a stinker of a cold put paid to that - so I will be giving blood in a few weeks instead!
This week is National Blood Week, and the National Blood Service are asking you to roll your sleeves up and book an appointment to give blood between now and the Olympics. With such a huge influx of visitors to the UK for the Olympics, British blood stocks need to be built up to 30% more than usual.

There are events planned this week across the country which aim to recruit new donors and highlight the need to boost blood stocks this summer. For more information about these events, click here.

The last time I went to give blood, I was the only woman there but there were around 30 other donors. I was quite surprised at the lack of women donors. Whilst I have never received any blood before, I have friends who were given blood during childbirth and who probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that blood.

Giving blood is simple. It doesn't hurt and it is over in ten to fifteen minutes. You can save lives by giving blood. To me that is a no brainer. Obviously there are reasons that you can't give blood, but please encourage others to. It can make such a huge difference. 

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post and have not received any form of payment.