How to... make waterproof bunting

Here's how to make waterproof bunting.

When we moved into our new house, the back yard was painted white. Which, although it looks great, I felt it could do with a little bit of colour. I thought about normal bunting, but I didn't think that it would last long in the wind and the rain up here in sunny Yorkshire! Then I had a mini brainwave and thought I'd try making the bunting from oil cloth!

For this you will need oil cloth fabric, some cardboard, a pencil, binding tape and a sewing machine.

backyard bunting

Firstly, I chose my fabrics from our local textile shop (which is amazing). I got quarter of a metre of each colour as the fabric was wide. I chose oil cloth (table cloth) material as it is wipe clean and waterproof.

Cut your cardboard into a triangle and draw around the triangle with a pencil on the fabric.

Once you have all your triangles drawn on the fabric, cut them out. I like to put them in a little pile at this point.

Now this is where this bunting differs to normal bunting because the fabric is too thick to sew together inside out and turn the right way around. So don't do this. Instead, if you want it to be extra strong, sew the two triangles together the right way round and then follow the next steps. Alternatively, you can just do them single sided (as long as the back side is not going to be visible) because the fabric is pretty tough so it should be fine.

backyard bunting

Then fold the binding tape over the top of each triangle and pin into place.

Next sew along the binding tape to seal the top of the bunting.

backyard bunting

Finally, hang your bunting. Mine is on the wall in our back yard. It brightens the yard and makes me smile every time I look at it! So far, it is faring well in the great Yorkshire weather!