The Photo Gallery: Hands

The Photo Gallery: Hands
Week 104

This week was a tough one. I looked at all the squidgy baby hand photos I had taken of my two children, I looked at pictures of my hand with pink nails, courtesy of my first ever manicure which happened at BritMums Live but I couldn't decide. So, I am very sorry but this week, for the first time ever, I have chosen two pictures for The Gallery.

The first picture is of mine and my husband's hands on our wedding day. I'm just over a week early, but next year we will be celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary, which I am very proud of. I was 18 when we got engaged and we had been going out for three weeks! I think it's safe to say that not many people thought it would last! I'm glad to have proven people wrong. We are very happy and have grown up together. I hope we have many more enjoyable years ahead of us!

The second picture is of my god daughter's hand in mine. It was taken the day she left hospital, which also happened to be her due date. This wouldn't be so incredible if she hadn't been born at just twenty-three weeks to the day. So she was four months old on the day she was originally due! She continues to amaze and astound me. Her progress is amazing, especially as her parents were told she would not even be able to breathe on her own. She is five now and at a normal school doing well. What an amazing and inspiring fighter of a girl! Apologies for the grainy picture, it was taken on my camera phone five years ago.

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