What shall we do today?

The British summer is proving decidedly British. Wet, soggy and a little bit miserable. There is that awful feeling when you look out of the window and wonder what you can possibly do inside to fill the next eight hours until bedtime. Keeping children entertained is tough. Really tough.

However, there is now a new website called Play20 which is run by Eureka! in Halifax. The idea behind the website is simple, it gives you ideas of games to play or crafts to do with your children. The website is jam-packed with different ways to play, from celebrating the Olympics, to bathtime play, even play in a waiting room.

Eureka say this about play "It is through play that children explore their world, take risks, make mistakes, achieve. It is through play that children learn to use their imaginations and develop creative thinking, they learn to express themselves. It is through play that children build relationships with each other and the adults who play along side them. It is through play that children develop emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Play offers choice, control and freedom within reasonable boundaries. Play allows children to learn through their own experience, it is intrinsically motivated."

It is a fantastic resource and a great place to get new ideas for things to do or different ways to make play fun. The website has been launched to celebrate twenty years of play at Eureka!

If you get a chance then you should also take a trip to Eureka! in Halifax. It is The National Children's Museum and is jam-packed with fun things for children to do.

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