Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Wiggles

On Wednesday we went to see The Wiggles in concert in York. I was so excited! Oh, and my son was too! He has asked pretty much every day since I bought the tickets if we were going that day (note to self, don't tell child you have bought tickets). I was also excited because what he didn't know was that we were going to get to meet The Wiggles.

We had every intention of going to Betty's for lunch beforehand but we ran out of time, which was not helped by me spending 15 minutes trying to work out how to pay by text to park in the car park!

Instead, I spotted a cupcake cafe called Sooty's, so we went there to grab a pre-show treat. And what a treat! The boy chose (obviously) the one with four chocolate malteasers on top and I opted for the lemon curd cupcake. They were absolutely delicious. I 'had' to eat some of the boy's when he wasn't looking. It was so big I thought he might have been sick otherwise so I was doing him a favour really!


Then it was off to the theatre, luckily Sooty's was only about 2 mins walk away. 

It was at this point I had a tweet from Jen at Mum in the Madhouse asking if we had a rose for Dorothy? Cue a frantic rose making session. I don't think we did too badly!

Handmade rose for Dorothy the Dinosaur

We were lucky to have second row seats and our view was fantastic (all that being stuck on hold when tickets were released was worth it). My son was so ridiculously excited. He danced, he clapped, he wiggled, he jumped. Basically he had a cracking time.

The Wiggles live in concert

The Wiggles put on such a good show. The singing is fabulous, they sang lots of the old favourites and they keep children completely transfixed throughout! My son took his guitar with him and played along.

Greg waving goodbye

I am so pleased that we got to see the original Wiggles before Greg, Murray and Jeff retire later this year. Whilst I am sure the 'new' Wiggles will be just as good, and we'll go to see them, it is very special to have seen them all perform together. There are so few bands who last as long as they have.

Here was the highlight of the boy's day - meeting The Wiggles! He was pretty blasé about the whole thing - he probably thinks that is what happens when you go to see them! 

Meeting The Wiggles

We topped the day off nicely with an ice cream and a stroll along the river bank.

Wiggles balloon and ice cream

If you want to read any of my other posts on The Wiggles, there is an interview with Anthony here, and an interview with Jeff here.

Wiggles balloon

It was only when I got home that I realised the balloon had Sam and not Greg on it!


  1. Oh you lucky thing! I'm from York and saw they were playing, and was almost tempted to do a third one (we saw them in London on Saturday and Sunday last weekend) but decided that was a bit silly....

    My friend got an amazing photo of them from the fifth row - check out my Mum Friendly site for it - there's only one Wiggles piece on there, but it's such a nice pic - you can't see Anthony though as Murray hides him!

    The three new Wiggles were all in the show, so we've all kind of seen them without realising - we'll be back too though - and lucky you getting to interview them as well!!

    1. That is a brilliant picture!

      Yes, I was watching the new Wiggles to try and work out what they'll be like!

      I contemplated driving down to Oxford where my Dad lives to go and see The Wiggles again this weekend!

    2. Ha, maybe we should form a Wiggles touring party group next year :-)

      It'd be like me going to see Lush all over the country back in the early nineties!!

    3. That sounds great! I followed Take That all over in the 90s (and 00s)!

  2. Oh you're so lucky, cupcakes and the wiggles!
    My children would love to see them - they are pretty unimpressed by tv programmes but they all get up and dance when the wiggles is on. x

    1. It was a great day out. I am a huge Wiggles fan.


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