The new house

The new house

We have been in the new house for a couple of months now. I thought I’d take you on a tour of our the place, the things I love about it, new features I discover every day.

So, welcome. We will start with our lovely blue front door!

Fish door knocker

The door knocker – a fish which needs a clean but it looks great.

funky lightswitch

What a gorgeous light switch! It is the only one in the house like this and I love it!

victorian lightboxvictorian pattern

This detail above the window in the hall is beautiful. When the sun shines through it in the evening it is stunning and makes a pattern all across the wall.


Our last house was also a Victorian terrace but all of the original features had been battered out. Well, nearly everything. When we were renovating we found a tiled hearth hidden under the 70s marble fireplace we removed!

cornice rose

I always wanted a house with a cornice rose and now I have one. Absolutely beautiful. I love that someone would go to that much effort on a ceiling.

picture rail

We also get a picture rail! Who doesn't need a picture rail?

victorian fireplace

And in the spare room, we have an original fireplace. I have no idea if it actually works but we won't be using it. The thought of a fire in a bedroom scares me, so this one is just for decorative purposes!

Obviously what I haven't shown you is the mess and the unpacked boxes! One day we will get fully unpacked! It's so nice to finally feel like we actually fit into a house. The last place really had got too small but it is only now that I really appreciate it!