The Olympic Meme

Rebecca from Here come the girls has passed on the olympic torch to me. Well not so much an Olympic torch more a meme about the Olympics, but you get the drift!

1) If every day tasks were Olympic events what would you get a gold medal in?
Multi-tasking. Going from Mum to student, to Mum, to wife, to me is all in a day's work. Sitting in a lecture planning what a family is going to eat that evening and taking notes is a skill.

2) As a child (or now even) did you excel at a particular sport and if so which one?
Yes. I played badminton at County level. I also had trials at County for high jump. I was really sporty, especially in my teenage years. I miss having that much energy. I think my son will probably be rather sporty too, he never stops bouncing around.

3) Michael Phelps (swimmer) or Michael Johnson (runner) – which sport appeals to you more?
I love running. I'm not so good at swimming, I tend to sink. Which kind of isn't the point really. I also love the post-run dying feeling which means you have exercised well (yes, I'm a sadist). So, I guess I would say running.

4) How fast can you get out of bed and ready to go out the door if miss the alarm and sleep in?
Every morning I get up at 7.20. Kids up at 7.30 and we are at the childminders (10 min drive) for 8am. I doubt I could do it much quicker than that though!

5) What fantasy sport would you like to see made into an Olympic event?
The three-legged race, obstacle race or sack race. Ooh, or a wheelbarrow race. Basically anything you used to have to do at school!

6) Claim to fame time – Have you ever met an Olympian and who was it?
I'm sure I have. Some random Olympian came to my school when I was little. I can't for the life of me remember who though. I have also met Ewan Thomas and Jamie Baulch when I used to work at the BBC.

7) What event in past Olympics can you remember most vividly?
I remember the rowing in Sydney 2000 and Jonathan Edwards winning gold in the same Olympics.

8) Tuning in at home, not for me or tickets clamped ready in sweaty palms?
We have tickets for athletics, boxing and football. We were very lucky to get 50%  of what we applied for. I am ridiculously excited. Everything else I will be watching on TV (if the kids let me).

9) Who do you think most deserves a gold medal (any walk of life not just Olympians).
My Grandma because she's amazing. She runs a B&B and is in her 80s and I have no idea where she gets her energy from. She grows her own vegetables and fruit and I love spending time with her. She is frugal and makes a little go a very long way. I respect her values, the way she has brought up her children and the way she deals with whatever comes her way.

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