Sky Ride Bradford

Sky Ride Bradford

Yesterday we jumped on a train to Bradford which is about 40 minutes away. It was my daughter's first trip on a train and she loved it. My son is a seasoned train pro and loves travelling on them. The pair of them spent most of the journey just staring out of the window looking at the sheep and the hills.
train to BradfordSky ride Bradford

We were going to Bradford for a Sky ride which was taking place in the city centre. This is an initiative between Sky and British Cycling. It is to encourage us all to get into cycling.

Certain roads in Bradford city centre were shut off from 10am until 3.30pm and it was great to be able to ride freely through the city.

My son went on his balance bike. I think he's not far off being able to go on a 'proper' bike with pedals and no stabilisers which is great for a three and a half year old! He free-wheeled his way through the town centre with a great amount of excitement. Especially when he discovered the large fountain in city park which got him utterly soaked!

Sky ride Bradford

We had a great day, my son loved the bike ride, especially being able to ride on the main road without having to look out for cars. I would recommend a Sky ride, even if you have young children. I contemplated taking my daughter's scuttlebug too but I think she would have been a little too small (at 16 months) to understand to get out of people's way.

When I can find a decent and cheap second hand bike I will definitely be joining in! I really hope we can do more cycling as a family, especially as the children get older, it is such an easy thing to do together as a family. We are so lucky that we live in the countryside and have so many safe routes to cycle (albeit many of them a little hilly!).

Click here to visit the Sky ride website to find a ride near you. It's free to take part and I highly recommend it for a lovely day out. They also do local rides.