The Photo Gallery - Planes, trains and Automobiles!

The Photo Gallery

Week 106 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Last week was the first week that I haven't joined in The Gallery since I started doing it. I have to admit that it felt wrong but there was just too much going on last week and I didn't have any time to sort a post out.

When I saw this week's theme I have to admit that I was a little flummoxed! I couldn't recall having taken any pictures of trains, planes or automobiles. However, after a search through my photos, I have indeed got many pictures, especially of trains! The one I chose in the end was this festive photo!

It was my son's first ever visit to meet Father Christmas. I was so excited! I remember going on the very same train when I was little. Father Christmas gave me a nurse's outfit! My son was 10 months old, maybe a little young for this but I guess it was more for me than him.

As you can see, it had snowed fairly heavily the day before so all we could see was white hills out of the windows. The boy was a little bit scared about Father Christmas but soon came round when he saw that he was giving out presents! The only downside to the day was that there was no heating on the train and it was FREEZING. Really, really, really cold. I fully regretted not having taken a thermos of tea to keep us all warm. However, it will always be the boy's first trip to see Father Christmas and for that reason alone, it will always have a special place in my heart!

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