The Photo Gallery - Street Photography

The Photo Gallery: Week 107
Street Photography

I appreciate that this is possibly cheating a little but here goes! This week's theme was a tough one, but Tara did mention parks, so I thought that's where I'd take my pictures.

This is the view from a path about two minutes walk from my house. On the left of the picture, at the bottom of the hill, is the children's playground. The park is a huge expanse of green and it feels indulgent having it so close to our house. Having that much grass nearby also makes up for the fact that we do not have a garden, just a back yard.

And this was the photo I took in the park with this week's theme in mind. The boy on the swings (his favourite place in the park). You can see just how open an expanse it is. It was a lovely sunny day when we were there and you can see a few families with picnics in the background.

So I am sorry if I cheated, but it is just at the end of our street! 

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