What has made me happy - week five

What has made me happy - week five.

How is it week five already? Madness!

We have had a far less stressful week. My dad is on the mend which is reassuring. My daughter's cough is nearly gone (she's on her fourth lot of antibiotics now). The boy has been really good this week and has really enjoyed singing and dancing at pretty much every opportunity.

So, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • My son, in bed clearly thought we couldn't hear him whilst he sang this! (It's One Direction's One Thing for those of you who can't tell). He has been listening to it at the childminder's and it took me ages to work out what the song was!
  • A lazy tea at the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Parlour. It is under ten minutes away and absolutely amazing. The food is fabulous and the outdoor play area is brilliant!
  • When I asked my son what he was looking at, he responded "I am looking at my little sister because she is beautiful". Awww!
  • A day out with my husband at The Open in Lytham St Annes. It is so rare that my husband and I get a day out together so we really enjoyed it (and the ice cream on the 18th hole)!
  • Baking with my boy - he does all the preparation himself and loves making the scales balance!
  • All of you who are joining in with this linky! I love that other people are using it to find the things in their life which make them happy!
  • The sunshine! I have managed to dry three loads of washing on the line already today. It just makes you feel so much happier when you have a choice of what to do each day, rather than just indoor activities because of the rain.  

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