Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What has made me happy - week four

What has made me happy.

Week four.

This week I visited my dad following his triple heart bypass last week. A drive of 500 miles over two days. It has been another stressful week but luckily he is recovering well and was back at home less than a week after the operation. I also got my results from my first year of university, some good, some bad! I am ridiculously tired from my daughter being awake most nights and I am in some serious need of sleep. Most importantly though, I just want her to be better again.

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Here we go, this is what has made me happy this week:

  • Passing economics and politics. I even managed a 2:1 in politics.
  • My new tablecloth and place mats!
  • My daughter. In spite of being poorly for over two weeks, she has not lost her sense of humour!

  • This YouTube clip. It absolutely never fails to make me giggle! So when I have needed cheering up, this week I have watched it.

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  1. Glad your Dad is doing well. Well done with the 2:1 in politics - sounds good to me

    1. Thank you. I was very pleased. Especially as I literally had no time to revise thanks to my husband breaking his elbow!

  2. congrats on the degree :0 looks like you had a good week xx

    1. Thank you! It was only my first year at uni so I have a long way to go yet!

  3. I just saw a comment on Twitter about this and knew I had a post to link up too :) I shall join in weekly

    Well done on your 2:1!
    I'm glad your dad is doing ok and hope your princess is better soon.
    The table mats are fab! Mine are plain red and a bit dull! The video made me chuckle too- hadn't seen that til now x

    1. Thank you very much for joining in! That video always makes me laugh.


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