What has made me happy.

What has made me happy.

Week two.

So, here goes with the second week of this feature on my blog. If you want more information on how or why I started this, click here.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week:

  • My dad still being alive! He had a heart attack late last week and is awaiting a triple bypass. So, I am happy that he is still very much alive.
  • My son's face as the klaxon went off at the start of his very first bike ride.
  • My daughter running, as fast as a sixteen month old can, up to the top of the high street to get on a fairground ride.
Fairground ridefuchsia in flower
  • The flowers on my fuchsia opening up for the first time. The pink outer petals spreading to reveal the purple petals and stamen inside.
  • A lie-in for the first time in six weeks! My husband's elbow is getting better and he can now get the children up in the morning. I've had one half hour lie-in so far but it was amazing!
  • The woman thanking me profusely in the supermarket queue when I let her go ahead (she had way less than us).
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