The Olympics Games - London 2012

The Olympics Games
London 2012

An Olympic games to be proud of!

 For me it started with the torch relay across the UK, ensuring that every person had a torch travelling within ten miles of them was quite a feat. We were lucky enough that it came through our town so we didn't have to walk far to see the torch on it's way to London.

After this huge relay, which travelled thousands of miles there followed a hilarious opening ceremony, the huge medal haul, two weeks of fabulous sport and finally the closing ceremony I have been incredibly impressed with the Olympics.
Last Thursday my husband and I were lucky enough to go to the athletics. I was incredibly impressed with the transport system. No hitches, clean stations, helpful staff. Even late at night with many thousands of people leaving the Olympic park there were minimal queues.

I apologise in advance for the pictures. Being the numpty that I am, I managed to leave our camera in the car on the way so these were all taken on my trusty mobile!

The day that we were there was hot! Really hot and very busy. The crowds were huge. I think we arrived just at a changeover time, people leaving from the morning and others arriving for the evening. The Olympic park certainly held a lot of people!

This was a beat box which looked like a lot of fun but had a rather large queue!

The velodrome in the distance. Have to admit that we didn't walk all the way down to it as we were flagging by then. Instead we had an ice cream!

I think the Olympic stadium was fabulously well designed. I love that the white stripes on it are in fact canvas and so could be taken off or have different colours projected on to it! So simple but so very effective. The wild flowers planted in an around the part were absolutely stunning.

The Orbit, the Olympic sculpture is jagged yet smooth. It's metal structure could be explored but again there was a queue so we didn't go up it. When it was lit up at night it looked absolutely amazing!

Our seats were near the Olympic flame in the cauldron. Again, I thought the design was fabulous and I thought it was stunning how the petals (of which there was one for each country) came together to form the flame in the opening ceremony. A beautiful piece of art.

The men's 800m final.

Look closely in this one and you will see Kenya's David Rudisha crossing the line to win gold and smash a world record!

And then, the fastest man in the world lined up for the men's 200m final. 

Bolt, Blake and Powell celebrate.

I think the organisers can hold their heads high with their efforts. Even my Grandma (who dislikes the Olympics and said she wouldn't watch) admitted that she has actually enjoyed the games and has been tuning in at home. I think as a nation we should be proud. We set one hell of an example to others of how to run the Olympic games successfully. The kind hearted spirit which has surrounded the past two weeks has been wonderful. People in London even talked to each other! I know!

Whilst I would have loved to have seen a little more sport on TV, my two small children put paid to that. Although my son did enjoy the gymnastics and my daughter thought the diving was hilarious! I look forward to Rio 2016 when my children might actually sit down with me and watch the sport.

I'm hoping I might get to watch some of the Paralympics too!

What do you think? Have you enjoyed the Olympic Games? Were you lucky enough to go or did you watch at home?