The Photo Gallery - Emotion

The Photo Gallery

Week 110 - Emotion

house sold

This week I have picked a different type of picture. This is one which evokes so many different emotions for me. This is our first ever house which we had lived in for eight years. It was the house we moved to after we married and the house our children lived in. 

We tried for just over two years to sell our house (having to take it off the market when I was pregnant with my daughter). In the time we took it off the market the housing boom collapsed. We put it on the market six months later for nearly £10,000 less (still only £125,000 so not a fortune). The second time we put it on the market we accepted an offer from our first viewer. Devastatingly she pulled out of the sale under two weeks before completion with no reason whatsoever (more of that here).

So it was back on the market again. We ended up spending my student loan on double glazing and putting more money into renovations. The estate agent kept telling us to lower the price. We kept refusing. Then all of a sudden, this spring we had a flurry of viewings and people interested in putting in an offer. We accepted an offer from a lovely young man. It was the asking price. Just under seven weeks later we moved into our new home!

We ultimately made a loss on the property but it didn't matter. We had sold it. We had so many happy years there and we put blood sweat and tears into it. The house was a complete labour of love. It threw everything at us. We learnt to build walls, to tile, to wallpaper. It was our first ever house but we outgrew it and needed another bedroom.

I have such love for this house and always will. This picture for me evokes happiness, relief, frustration and sadness (near the end). It holds such happy memories though so I will not let the stress of selling taint those. I still walk along the old street and feel happy when I see it. 

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