What has made me happy - week seven

Last Tuesday my husband came home from his Olympic trip. The boy stuck to him like glue all day having missed him terribly. Then when we got to bedtime, I tucked the kids up in the car, they kissed daddy goodbye and I drove down to my mum's in Wales. Luckily they both slept from pretty early on so the journey wasn't too stressful. It only took four hours too so we arrived before midnight!

We have been having a good time here, getting out and about. Going to soft play when it rained and on long walks (thanks mum) when the sun was shining!

The children will see their dad again on Thursday when we stay in Leicester ready for our trip to the Olympics! It has been a long time without him though and we do all really miss him!

My sister has also been here which my son and daughter have really enjoyed. The three of them have played, chased, screamed and whooped together.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Bubbles. We took bubbles to the park with us and had such a great time chasing them around. A simple but effective thing to keep children entertained!
  • A swing! My mum bought a swing knowing that the children would love it. We put it up on the rather small oak tree in her garden. Happy children!

  • Rainbows. There has been an awful lot of rain this summer. More than is necessary certainly. This rainbow was over my mum's house earlier in the week and it made me smile.

  • Brecon show. We went to this county show on Saturday. I love seeing all the different animals and I also love the pride people take in showing their animals. It was good fun, and it was sunny the whole time we were there!

  • Finally, the Olympics have made me happy. It has been fabulous to see the pride in our country's efforts. I love watching all sport so I am in heaven (when I get a moment to sit and watch).

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