Hoover Globe review

We were recently sent a Hoover Globe to review. For the past eight years we have had a Dyson and, whilst it is a good vacuum, I was interested to see how it compared with the Hoover Globe. 

We have two pets and, since moving house, we have struggled with the amount of cat hair that a laminate floor seems to throw up. We have owned this rug for a few years and it has never looked clean. In our new house, because it is the only carpet amidst a load of laminate, it collects cat hair and fluff constantly. 

The Dyson just wasn't up to the job, quite frankly, it had never got the rug clean. However, the Hoover Globe got rid of all the mess instantly, it was amazing.

What they say

Highly manoeuvrable ‘twist and steer’ technology

Globe is our new highly manoeuvrable multi-cyclonic upright vacuum cleaner. Designed with our innovative ‘twist and steer’ technology, Globe has directional control to glide around and under furniture in your home with maximum ease.

Exclusive easy reach super flex

This Globe vacuum cleaner comes with our unique and exclusive super flex multi-function tool. Giving you extra easy reach, this tool has a number of adjustable positions to allow you to precisely direct the suction, making it ideal for those awkward and difficult to reach areas around your home.

Constant powerful suction

Our Globe upright bagless vacuum cleaner features our advanced no loss of suction multi-cyclonic technology. This gives you constant powerful suction to capture all your dust with minimal filter cleaning.

Extra long reach for full stair cleaning

Globe has an extra long 7 metre cord and 4.5 metre hose. These features are ideal for large spaces and mean you can vacuum a full 13-flight staircase while leaving this bagless upright vacuum cleaner safely at the bottom.

Easy to store

With a telescopic handle that retracts into the body of the vacuum cleaner, Globe is extremely easy to store. The space saving design is ideal if you need to store your vacuum cleaner under a shelf or in any cupboard with restricted height.

Advanced cleaning tools

As well as a crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool, this bagless upright vacuum cleaner comes with a pet hair turbo brush for removing stubborn pet hair.

Anti-allergy HEPA filters

Globe has been designed to help reduce harmful allergens in your home. It comes with HEPA filters to capture and trap airborne household allergens, including pet allergens, dust mite faeces and pollen.

5 year parts and labour warranty

For your full peace of mind, Globe comes with a 5 year parts and labour warranty

Good points

It is really easy to manoeuver around the house, the twist and steer technology means that you no longer have to 'put your back in to it'!
The ability to leave the hoover at the bottom of the stairs whilst hoovering the stairs is brilliant. No more balancing the hoover on the stairs, you just leave it at the bottom and walk up.
The pet brush is great. I used it on a chair which the cats like to sit on and it was cat-hair free very quickly. 
Compared with the Dyson, the Hoover Globe sucks up over double the amount of dirt and dust from the same area.

Bad points

It is very loud. Both children are petrified whenever I use it. The noise also means that I cannot use it at night when they are in bed because it will wake them up. Ditto for pets who leave the room sharpish when it is switched on.

The non-retractable power cord is slightly frustrating, having to wind the cable up after every use.

The first hoover that I was sent broke rather dramatically with smoke coming out of it. I assume this was a fault with that model. The replacement was sent very quickly and I have had no problems with it.

Would I buy it? - please see update from 14.01.13

I would definitely consider it. It is easy to use and a good price. It has managed to clean a rug which  has never ever been this clean (apart from when it was initially bought). I would recommend it, in spite of the noise it makes. I imagine the reason that it is so loud is purely because the suction is so good. The Hoover Globe is a wonderful vacuum cleaner and is so easy to use. It stores nicely and takes up far less room than our now redundant (although soon to be given to family) Dyson.

The Hoover Globe's RRP £229.00 is and it can be bought here.

Update: 14.01.13 - Unfortunately the Hoover has once again failed spectacularly with smoke coming out of it. This time I did try to use it again afterwards (once it had cooled down for a few hours) and it no longer has any suction. Given that this is the second time this has happened in five months, I would definitely not recommend that anyone buys this model. Perhaps it just doesn't like changing from a rug to laminate as both times this is when it has had problems. However, if I had purchased it then I would definitely be wanting my money back by now.

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