Is Kate Middleton entitled to privacy?

The one and only time I sunbathed topless I was in France. I was 18, staying in a chalet in a ski resort in the summer with my future husband. I hadn’t been outside long when I was interrupted by helicopters flying low and slowly overhead. I didn’t think much of it though and continued to sunbathe.
Later that day I spoke to my Dad. “Did you see it?” he asked excitedly.
“See what?”
“The Tour De France. It passed through the village today and only comes through every four years.”
“Oh” I responded, the cogs slowly clinking in my brain.
“Yes, it was all live on Eurosport, I watched at home”.
“Oh! That was what the helicopters were then, they were FILMING!” Ah, the penny drops.


I never did sunbathe topless again. I just couldn’t face the thought of someone seeing me. In the case of Kate Middleton though, I am shocked that the prospect of these pictures being published has come about, I think she is entitled to the very little privacy she gets. Yes, she married a prince. Yes, she knows that this means their lives will be scrutinised. Maybe she should have thought about the fact that there were undoubtedly paparazzi hiding in the hope of some pictures. Do you know what though, maybe, just maybe, it would be refreshing if there weren’t paparazzi taking pictures of our future Queen sunbathing. Surely she is entitled to some privacy? If she is not, then surely she should have a right to not have pictures of her sunbathing topless shown to the world. Or is that considered our right now, to see other pictures of people who are relaxing in private?

As a woman, I find even the consideration of publishing these photos offensive. Surely we have a right that a photo of us semi-naked on holiday would not be published in a magazine? How would you feel if it happened to you? OK, so you are probably not a future Queen but I imagine that you would be pretty horrified. Whatever happened to the idea of a private life? Or am I just being naïve, thinking that someone who has chosen to marry a Prince should be entitled to some privacy?

Why do the press think that people want to see these pictures? Or for that matter, any pictures of any ‘famous’ person sunbathing topless. I don’t care and I don’t want to see what someone else does in private on their holidays splashed around the internet. It doesn’t interest me and I don’t see why anyone else would be interested either. 

Does your right to privacy change depending on who you marry?

What do you think? Did Kate waive a right to privacy when she married Prince William or should she be entitled to sunbathe topless without the fear of being snapped?