Monday, 3 September 2012

Lies, damn lies and toddlers.

Last year, my son, aged two and a half told us that the childminder had hit him. He told us fairly graphically how she had hit him on his bottom and made him cry. We were really concerned. We talked about it a lot. Our son continued to return from the childminder's saying that she had hit him. Obviously we spoke to the childminder. She denied it and questioned why he had been saying it.

We continued to worry.

Then we went to the zoo for a family day out. We had a fantastic day, a really lovely time. Our son spent ages staring at the monkeys.

When we got home, our son started crying.
"What's wrong darling?" I asked, extremely concerned.
"The monkeys hit me Mummy". "They hit me on my bottom and made me cry".
Hmm, methinks the boy was making it up!

Not long after the monkeys hitting my son, he stopped telling us that the childminder had hit him! At three and a half, the boy has reached a new level of lying. He will tell Daddy that I said yes he could watch TV when in fact I had said no. Luckily my husband has learnt that generally I have said no when he comes to ask him! He is still pretty honest when it comes to admitting that he has pushed is sister over though (worryingly I think he might be proud of this). I wonder how long it will be before I question whether or not he is actually telling the truth about something.

How about you? What do your children lie about?


  1. My son is nearly the same age and has been telling similar fibs. He told his grandparents that we hit him all the time (we don't, I use it as a threat though) and that I lock him in his bedroom! (I don't but have closed the door once when I needed him to be safe for a couple of minutes while I went out to the car!)
    I think they are seeing what you will believe and testing how we will react!
    Hopefully it's a little phase!

    1. Yes, I guess it is just their way of testing what is truth and what lies are.

  2. The princess tells things about her friends which is not always true and when asked she will admit it's not true. We tell her it's wrong and she needs to stop. It's not often but she needs to learn. The little man will lie too but it's very obvious lies as his best friend can drive a real car or have been to the moon so not so worried about that. He has to learn it's wrong though so of course we tell him.

    1. That's a good point, I hadn't thought about enforcing that it is wrong.

  3. They push boundaries all the time .. its their way of testing the world and you !


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