Mini canvas review

We were recently sent three mini canvas print by Bags of Love. I thought they were a great opportunity for me to get some of my Instagram pictures on a canvas. They come in a set of three. I put two similar ones together and one which was slightly different is in a separate place. Instantly, I had three different forms of art on my walls. They are eight inches square and are when they arrived they were slightly bigger than I had envisaged, which was great. The Bags of Love website has some fantastic different products to order.

What they say

Small and Mini Canvas Prints

Make 3 part sets of small canvas prints for a great display at home or gift set for friends or family. Small canvas prints make an attractive line, or cluster of mini canvas prints in your home or office.

from £55

Three Small Canvas Prints In One Set
Sold in 3 part sets of small canvas prints
Made same day
2 set sizes 8x8" square and 10x8" rectangle
FSC certified frames
Small and perfectly formed

Enjoy Small Canvases

In a straight line horizontal or vertical or, if you buy more than one set, install them in crossover lines. We do buy 2 get 1 free set of canvas prints so display planning will be fun. And you can add more small canvas prints over time. Mini canvas prints will enhance your interior dramatically an instantly.

Make Stylish Displays With Cluster of Mini Canvas Prints

Canvas clusters can be made with our small canvas prints and they will be made in sets of three so you can arrange in three and add to them over time to make attractive wall art displays with your small canvas prints. Create your own unique mini masterpiece, whether it be on a computer desk at home or in the office at work.

Small Canvas Prints

These canvas prints, because they are sold in sets of 3, allow you to tell a story through your favourite photos. If you have similar photos, perhaps of the same scene but taken from a variety of positions or stances, it might be a nice idea to project these onto mini canvas to really tell a story through the power of your snaps. If you have been lucky enough to capture on camera a breathtaking moment that you never want to forget, this would be a lovely gift for your family or for someone special. Place them side by side or even in a diagonal formation to create a brilliant contrast of colours.

Good points

I love that you can get them in squares which made it perfect for me to get canvases of my Instagram pictures.

They are good quality and come with instructions for hanging.

The delivery was really quick, they arrived the day after I ordered them.

Bad points


Would I buy it?

The canvases I got are £55 and I think they are good value. I would definitely buy them in the future.

If you would like to buy and personalise your own canvas set, click here.

Disclaimer: I was sent this item to review and was allowed to keep it. This in no way had any effect on the review. I will always write honestly about a product.