Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What has made me happy - week eleven

This week we have been on holiday in France, and still are! We survived a plane journey with two small children, only the rocking and singing row row row your boat manically whilst we landed in order to keep the girl happy gave away the fact that we might be struggling for control! It is sunny which makes such a difference, and it is fantastic just being together as a family. What with my husband breaking his elbow in May, and my exams in June, we haven't been able to do as much family stuff as we would have liked to.

I am also delaying the inevitable. When we return from holiday, our son starts pre-school. I feel like sobbing as I type that. He seems to have grown up so fast and I wish I had spent every minute with him. I know it is completely normal to be thinking like this but it does seem to have flown by! We were lucky that his nursery said he could start a week late because it meant we saved about £300 on flights home! It is definitely the last year that we can do that!

Right, I seem to have digressed! This week, what has made me happy is:
  • My son has really started enjoying drawing. Previously it was a complete hassle to get him to sit down and actually draw something. Since we have been here he has been sitting down for thirty minutes, happily drawing sprawling pictures! He told us that this one is of a horse.
  • Cakes! I love French cakes. I think the choice is fantastic and they are generally pretty small so I hope that means they are not so bad for you!
  • The swimming pool. Being able to swim every day is fantastic. Both children seem to have developed a fear for water and are refusing to go in so we are enjoying it alone!
  • Beautiful flowers. They are such stunning colours, the blue of these ones outside the aquarium were fabulous.

  • Star gazing. There is a telescope here and being able to see the stars at night is a bit overwhelming. We are in the middle of nowhere so the stars seem so bright. I took this picture through the telescope of the moon last night (with no filter or editing)! 

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  1. wow how did you take that pic of the moon? we also have a telescope and would love to take pics! well done on saving cash with the nursery :P

    1. I just put the camera on the telescope lense!

  2. Your moon picture is amazing, one for Silent Sunday maybe!
    Sounds like you are having a great holiday. The pool looks fab as do the cakes... mmm! x

    1. Thank you. Yes, I hadn't thought of using the one of the moon for a Silent Sunday! That's this week sorted out.

  3. Ohh I would love to be using that swimming pool. Had not heard of your linky before, just followed it here.

    Mich x

    1. Thank you for your comment. Feel free to join in!


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