What has made me happy - week fourteen

What has made me happy - week fourteen.

We have had a lovely week. The countdown to going back to university has started. I have under two weeks now and I am excited and petrified in equal measure! I finally got round to finishing the children's bedroom which seems to have taken an age but looks fantastic so I am really happy with it. The weekend went by in a blur, we spent Sunday at my Grandma's. There was a 40's weekend in the village she lives in which was fantastic fun. We watched unexploded bombs being detonated, the Queen and Winston Churchill in a remembrance service and the children enjoyed the 1940's carousel. My daughter has been cutting two teeth which have caused her quite a lot of pain so she has been a bit grumpy. My son has had an unfortunate reaction from his injections, his arm is now infected so he is on antibiotics. Those aside, here is what has made me happy this week:

  • My fearless daughter. She flung herself off this 30ft slide head first, giggling all the way to the bottom.
  • The children's bedroom being finished. The boy chose the colour and the theme and I am so proud of him because it works so well. It has been hard work but very worthwhile.
  • The sunny chilly weather. I love it when the sky is blue but it is cold. Really lovely autumn days. We spent Saturday morning in our local park. The weather is beautiful.

  • That weather has allowed me and the boy to indulge our love of hot chocolate! Until I go back to university, I am able to pick the boy up from nursery on a Monday. This has meant that we go straight to the coffee shop for hot chocolate and cake. Mmmm. Next week will be the last time we can do it until I break up at Christmas.
  • The 40's weekend in Grassington. What a great weekend and what a good idea. The spirit and atmosphere was wonderful and we were blessed with great weather too.
  • My beautiful kitty-cats. They are eight years old and still love to snuggle each other.

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