What has made me happy - week twelve

We spent most of this week in France, enjoying the sunshine and the food! On Saturday we flew back and had a slightly stressful flight due to my daughter being completely unwilling to sit still! It has been a well needed break though and I am glad we all got to relax and unwind. I had good news on Thursday when I got my resit results. I passed! So pleased to have passed Philosophy. Now I can relax before I start back at university in a few weeks. I have a few jobs to do on the house now, mainly decorating the children's bedroom, which is currently just plaster. Wish me luck on the one!

This week, what has made me happy is:
  • Spending time with family, enjoying the sunshine and the heat. It has been great spending every day together and so nice to see our children change so much in those ten days.

  • We went to an old fashioned fun fair in France, with a ferris wheel from 1900 and rides from the same era. They were absolutely beautiful, although it was a little bit scary from the top of the wheel when it was windy!

  • Coming home again! It is always nice to travel home after a holiday. To know where everything is and that everyone all speaks your language. We had a lovely day at Bolton Abbey on Sunday when the children played in the river.
  • Realising just how beautiful an area we live in. Seriously, these were taken on our drive home the other day, about two miles from home. We are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place.

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