Bedroom decoration

As I have mentioned in a few of my posts recently, I have been decorating the boy's bedroom and I thought I would show you the journey that the room has been on! I started the decorating when I broke up for my summer holidays from university and it has taken until the last week to completely finish it. 

This is how the room started off when we moved in, two different shades of pink. It was overwhelming to say the least! It also had a massive wardrobe which took up a whole wall.

I didn't think that painting straight over the wallpaper would work because the walls were not very even. However, I hadn't realised just how bad the plaster would be. Indeed, my heart sank when I saw the crumbling plaster and really poor quality walls.

This was the plastered wall, and ceiling. The spots are dust specks which are from mine and the boy's sandpapering efforts!

And then the painting began! The boy chose a dark purple and, whilst we were slightly unsure at first, it worked out really well. We used a light grey on the other three walls which complements the purple perfectly.

Then it was on to the space theme the boy had asked for. I bought these stickers which simply peel off when you are done with them. I had a mild panic before I stuck them on when I realised I should really  put the planets in the correct order. Google images helped me out and I soon had the planets spanning the wall, interspersed with rockets and aliens of course!

Then finally the finishing touches, bunting which I had made for them both in the old house.

And there you have it, the finished bedroom. They are still sharing even though we now have a third bedroom. It's quite nice to have a spare room and the boy said he still wanted them both to sleep in the same room.