The Photo Gallery: Books

The Photo Gallery
Week 120 - Books

books in library
 I am surrounded by books on a regular basis. Hundreds, thousands even. At times it feels overwhelmingly like I will never, ever manage to read them. But I do. I get through them. Plodding on with allotted time for each book. They are interesting. Some new, some old. Some smell wonderful. Really wonderful. There is that fantastic moment when you sit silently, open up a book for the first time and breath it in. The history, the previous owners, the life the book has had before you even pick it up. You are one small moment in that book's past, present and future.

I rarely read for pleasure during term time, my brain is too full of the required readings. But when I get a moment so read I enjoy it all the more. Simply sitting down and reading a book from start to finish is something I haven't done in a very long time.

It saddens me that we are moving away from books and increasingly to technology. Even at university, the library is getting smaller and everything is being put online. As if our brains didn't see enough of computer screens, we are encouraged to look at them more, or harm the environment by printing the copy out. Books are so important. Our children have three shelves of books purely for them. We read every night and many times during the day. I am fairly sure that, in our house at least, books will continue to live long and prosper!

books in library

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