The Photo Gallery: Old

The Photo Gallery
Week 119: Old

I may never be forgiven for putting this picture on here!

As you know if you read my blog regularly, I am a huge fan of my Grandma. Indeed, if you counted up how many posts mention her, I could probably quite easily rename my blog 'I love my Grandma'! She is amazing and never ceases to surprise. Even at a ripe old age, she runs a B&B and manages a huge kitchen garden. Her energy and youthful exuberance are truly admirable.

This picture makes me giggle. Every year my Grandma grows fantastic strawberries but each year she curses the birds who fly down and steal a few! My uncle made a 'cage' to cover the strawberries. He didn't really think about how my she would get in and out or the fact that once in she had to stay low down! This is my son when he was two peeking in on his Great-Grandma who was picking the strawberries. He looks like a giant!

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