What has made me happy - week eighteen

What has made me happy - week eighteen.

It has been another tough week. I am so tired that I can barely think! I forgot how much driving over 100 miles a day takes out of you. I am also really struggling with the amount of maths needed for this year's economics. I am positive that I have never learnt calculus before. I end up sitting in the lectures wondering what an earth I am doing.

I am trying to keep my chin up and make the most of everything though. I know it won't be for long and I know that it will all get easier as soon as I get into a proper routine.

So, this week has been a little bit harder to find things which make me happy. But here goes:
  • Being chosen to be a CenterParcs Family Blogger and having a trip to Nottingham to meet all the other lucky bloggers.
  • The sunsets this week have been amazing. I have also seen some fabulous rainbows but have always been in the car so haven't managed to get a picture.

  •   The early morning light on the canal as we walked as a family to the train station.
  • A family trip to the National Media Museum where we saw these flashbacks to my childhood.

  • A Saturday night takeaway. I don't remember the last time we got a takeaway.
  • This random leaf. It was hanging from a cobweb. The vibrancy of the yellow of the leaf made me smile.

  • On Sunday we went to the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm. They are having a fall festival and there were pumpkins everywhere. We had a lovely morning and the children enjoyed the new undercover play area. Of course, we also enjoyed the ice cream! 

 It would be great if you want to join in with 'What has made me happy' too.

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