What has made me happy - week fifteen

The final week before I go back to university. I have really struggled with the thought of going back. I am completely torn between fear and excitement. This week saw my little girl being a bit poorly. As I mentioned last week, she has two teeth coming through and they are really painful ones. The pain seems to be waking her at all hours so it has had an impact on all of us. We had a wonderful weekend. On Friday we went to Eureka, the Children's Museum in Halifax. We all had a great time running round, pressing buttons and learning how things work. On Saturday we went to stay with my Grandma to help out with the B&B. It is such a beautiful area and we enjoyed spending time together. Saturday evening was spent with my Grandma which is always good fun (albeit slightly exhausting as she does talk an awful lot)! On Sunday we went to the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Parlour. It is amazing and we go there far too often! It was the boy's request and in spite of the wind and rain we had a wonderful time!

So, this week what has made me happy is:
  • My sleepy little girl. Going in to wake her up from her afternoon nap and she was absolutely fast asleep. That gorgeous moment before she woke up when all was still and quiet was wonderful.
  • Good morning sunshine! These chickens made me giggle all lined up on the fence at the childminder's as the sun was coming up.

  • Finding my cat sleeping in my handbag. I have no idea how he fitted as he is rather large!
  • Logs stacked up outside my Grandma's ready for the winter. There is definitely a chill to the air now and these are going to keep the place warm. 

  • The view from the children's park of the hills in the distance - absolutely stunning.
  • The dry stone walls with the moss growing on it. Beautiful and weather-worn.

  • The sunsets we have had recently. With the beautiful sunny skies the sunsets have been amazing.
  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Perfect for the colder weather! Mmm.

It would be great if you want to join in too.

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