What has made me happy - week nineteen

What has made me happy - week nineteen.

Well what a week it has been! I finally feel like I am getting in to the swing of things with university. Spending last Wednesday reading at home made me feel more optimistic about this term and managing to fit everything in! I am also learning to make the most of my time with the children again, seeing as how it has declined dramatically since I started term. I also found out that I had made it through to the final ten of Savoo's smartest shopper competition and had to travel to London for an interview with four lovely judges. I am not sure that this has actually sunk in yet though. It was also my birthday! Whilst I don't necessarily like getting older, I don't mind celebrating it!

So, without further chatter, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Walks through the woods in the leaves. The sun shining but cold, cold air.
  • The amazing different colours that the leaves turn in the autumn. Absolutely stunning.
  • The red of the trees and the red of the barge on the canal.
  • The library I have visited on countless occasions. I hadn't realised how beautiful it actually was until I stopped and stood across the road from it.

  • The London underground. When I lived in London, the tube was the bane of my life, but when you visit, you can really enjoy it.
  • Snow! Snow! In October. On my birthday nonetheless. It covered a large proportion of the UK as I travelled down from Yorkshire to London.
  • My birthday. Surely birthdays are happy occasions for everyone?

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