What has made me happy - week seventeen

What has made me happy.
Week seventeen

This week has been tough. Being back at uni is hard work and my timetable means that I get home at 7pm two nights a week and 8.15pm one night. This means that I miss seeing my children go to bed and I am really missing seeing them more during the day. I have to remind myself that it is just for the next nine weeks and then I have some time off again. Settling into the new routine has been tougher than I imagined but it seems to be slotting into place now.

So here we go, this is what has made me happy this week:

  • Watching the children get messy at toddler group! My son loves getting paint everywhere and it is nothing a good bath won't fix. I think children should be given the opportunity to do some messy play. The worst that can happen is that you all have to wash when you get home.
  • Autumn leaves floating on the canal. The colours were stunning and we stopped to look closely at them on the way home from toddler group.

  • The peaceful walk to the train along the canal towpath early in the morning on my way to Blog camp in Manchester. 
  • Blog camp was great fun, really informative and it was fantastic to catch up with friends.

  • Getting ID'd. This has happened twice in one week which has made me feel particularly youthful!
  • Going for walks with my little girl. She now prefers to walk than sit in the pram so we are now entering a new phase of toddlerhood.

  • My mum coming to stay. She has been here for the past few nights and it is lovely to see her. It's also really nice to have tea cooked for me!
  • Starting a new blog. Obviously it is really bad timing to start a new blog but that hasn't stopped me. Please pop by and say hello, it is a site which aims to give advice and thoughts on life, money and politics. You can find it here.

It would be great if you want to join in with What has made me happy too.

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