Hot Dots Review

We were recently sent a hot dots card set and a hot dots pen to review. The idea is a set of cards which have an image on which you need to count, or work out the next in the sequence. There are three possible answers each with a dot next to them. Your child uses a special pen to choose which answer they think is right. If they get it right, their pen lights up green and says a praising phrase. If they get it wrong it lights up red and tells them it is wrong. My son is three and really into counting and loves having something which his sister can't yet do or try! He has taken to it really well, going off say he is "going to do work now". We were sent the Hot Dots Pen, rather than the junior pen and he has found it very easy to use. You can dip in and out of it and some cards are much harder than others. For example, there are ones which require him to be able to read to know which dot to press. This is great as it pushes them and gives something to aim towards. I have to say that I have been really impressed with how much he knows and how quickly he took to using it.

What they say
Hot Dots® Jr. Card Sets - Numbers & Counting

Self-checking activities children master on their own

Includes: Number words and sequencing
Simply touch the interactive pen to a Hot Dot and the Talking Hot Dots® Pen responds instantly with a green light and positive sounds. Incorrect answers receive a red light and a gentle wrong sound or phrase. This set of 36 colourfully illustrated cards provides 72 early learning activities in a handy storage carry case.

Hot Dots® Pen

Let children take control of their learning with this self-checking pen

Ages 4-8
The Hot Dots Pen has a new look for 2012!
We've listened to your feedback to improve its functionality and are sure you'll like the results. With brand new sound effects and phrases, the audio and visual feedback gently redirects incorrect answer choices and congratulates correct ones. Sounds can be muted for quiet classroom use. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Sounds: perfect, well done, brilliant, ah close, nice try

Good points
Encourages independence
Very easy and simple to use (even a three year old can do it).
Nice and compact, easy to take with you.

Bad Points
Occasionally my son found it hard to get the pen in the right place on the black dot.

Would I buy it?
Yes. I think it is a great educational tool and I will definitely be buying the phonics set for my son too as that is next on our list of things to do before he starts school. I hughly recommend it to anyone with young children who are just starting to learn.

Are you interested? You can buy your own Hot Dots products here. They also have a facebook competition which you can check out here. The competition closes on the 16th of November so make sure you enter before then!

Disclaimer: We were sent these items to review thanks to and were allowed to keep them.