How to use Hama Beads

So, maybe a more random How To, but hey! Here's how to use Hama Beads, as shown by my son.

We were sent some Hama Beads for the boy to try out. I wasn't sure that he would have the patience for them. I was totally wrong!

We got the maxi Hama beads which are for ages 3+. The pack had a clown and an elephant pegboards. The boy is 3 and they were very easy to use for him. He loved that he was able to create his own clown.

Whilst he got stuck in, I decided to make my own. I used the elephant to make a coaster for the boy's hot chocolate.

It kept his attention for an hour which is longer than any other craft activity we have tried before.

He followed the pattern to start with but decided he wanted the trousers and top to be different so he created his own. When he had finished, we carried it carefully downstairs, I covered it with ironing paper and ironed over it for a few minutes. We waited for it to cool a bit and then peeled back the paper.

So, here we go. His first ever creation.

He is so very proud of it. The clown has been privilidged enough to share his bed since his creation, kicking Buzz Lightyear out for the first time in months!

So, this How To is simple.

Buy a packet of Hama Beads (you can do so here)

Choose your design

Get creative


The pack we received contained approx. 900 Maxi Hama beads in assorted colours, 2 pegboards Elephant and clown, 4 bead supports, 3 colour printed design sheets, instructions and ironing paper.

Disclaimer: We were sent a pack of Hama Beads and were allowed to keep them.