I am a bad parent. Obviously.

Today has proven that I really am a bad parent. In other people's eyes anyway.

It has been cold today. Really chilly. We had hats, warm coats and thick socks but we weren't completely prepared. We haven't got the footmuff for the pram out yet (it is stored at my Nan's house).

Obviously today had to be the day that my 20 month old daughter refused to wear shoes, and socks. She started off with them on. Kept them on throughout the journey to toddler group and whilst she spent time happily doing paintings and eating sand. When we left toddler group the problems started. She was in the pram and unhappy about it. But it was market day and incredibly busy so there was no chance I could let her loose there. 

We were in the bank and she took her shoes off. Then her socks. I firmly told her no and put them back on again. She took them off. I firmly told her no and put them back on again. She took them off, with a slight giggle as she did so. I firmly told her she had to keep them on and put them back on again. They stayed on for around two minutes and then she took both her shoes and her socks off and threw them out of the pram as we walked down the high street. I tried to get them back on. She kicked and screamed and kept them off.

I put them in my bag and moved on. She looked ridiculous. She had a warm wooly hat on and a lovely warm coat but freezing bare feet.

From this point onwards I was glared at, tutted at and had many old ladies tell me that my daughter must be cold. To which I replied, "yes, she should have kept her shoes on". Strangers shook their heads and looked at me disapprovingly. The awful mother and her poor, poor daughter. I am surprised social services didn't follow me home.

Then it started raining. I had no raincover. Probably because I am a bad mother. She was now getting wet and cold. Luckily we were only a few minutes from home and were heading back. It didn't stop a further two people pointing out my child's predicament.

My daughter is unfortunately as strong-willed as me and neither of us were going to be willing to back down on this one. My plan is that she will be wearing the winter boots which have a zip and are impossible to get off from now on!

What would you have done?