The Photo Gallery: The Eighties

The Photo Gallery: Week 123
The Eighties

The eighties for me are only just remembered. Not because I was in a drunken haze but because I was born in the eighties and was therefore very young for the entirety!

Me in the 80's.

So this picture isn't so embarrassing. I look a little bit like a boy. I also look incredibly angelic. Butter wouldn't melt hey? Luckily that innocent face has stuck with me and enabled me to get away with all kinds of mischief. In this picture, I think I am the same age as my son is now. Which is a really odd concept. I was going to the same nursery which he now attends. It's nice that we have that continuity! It ends when he finishes nursery as that is when I moved down to Oxford. Soon our decision turns to which school he will attend.

If you fancy seeing some other embarrassing pictures from the eighties, click on the picture below.