What has made me happy - week 23

Another week down. Three more to go until I have some respite from university! The children have been rather testing this week. The poor girl has had a stinking cough so has been awake a lot in the night. As such, the boy (who shares a room with her) has not slept much either. Leading to a rather shattered household! This has led to the boy needing a sleep at lunchtime every day over the weekend (not that he would admit to it). My husband was away visiting his parents this weekend and it coincided with my mum coming up to stay which worked out well. It was lovely to see her and so nice to all spend time together. On Saturday night we went up to my Grandma's, drank wine and giggled a lot. In spite of all the bad weather this week, we have made the most of it.

Here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Another beautiful sunrise. I have to stand on a ladder in our attic bedroom to see the sunrise but it is definitely worth it!
  • Ducks! We went to feed the ducks down at the canal and there were absolutely loads of them. The girl giggled whenever she threw the bread in and the boy said he wanted to stay there forever!  
  • A trip to soft play with both children on Friday morning. I love any excuse to climb through tunnels and slide down huge slides. Luckily children are the perfect excuse for behaving like a child!
  • The sleeping boy. He fell asleep on the sofa when we came back from soft play. He looked so beautiful and peaceful. Even the cat went and sat on him, which never happens!

  • Going up to visit my Grandma with my mum was really fantastic. It was great to see my Grandma on top form.
  • On Sunday morning I walked down to church with the children. It was great to have some time just the three of us. We had to walk across the bridge over the swollen river which was a bit scary. Being in church with four generations of our family was also very special. 

  • One essay down! It felt so good to hand in the first essay of the academic year. I have two more and one exam before the end of term.
  • My new pen! If you saw my review of the older version of this pen, you will understand just how excited I am to be trying out the brand new wifi pen. A review will be up in the near future so keep your eyes peeled! 

It would be great if you want to join in with 'What has made me happy' too. Have a think about the little things which have made a difference to your life this week.

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