Christmas Books Review

We were recently sent three Christmas books for my children to review. The Last Snowball, with Everything's Rosie characters, Snowy Tracks with Thomas the Tank Engine and Mr Men meet Father Christmas with the Mr Men!

My son loves the Mr Men and Thomas the Tank Engine, so I thought that the books would be very much enjoyed.

Both Snowy Tracks and Mr Men meet Father Christmas are lovely stories and kept both children entertained. The children enjoy reading them throughout the day and my son likes to sit down with my daughter and show her the pictures. I love it when they sit and read together! 

The surprising favourite for both children though was The Last Snowball. Even my daughter, who is only 21 months was joining in with her favourite parts. We have read it most evenings at bedtime, it has gone to the childminder's, nursery and Great-Grandma's. It is the one which is being requested the most. The story is nice and it is easy to read.

I would recommend all three of these books for Christmas, maybe as a stocking filler! They are recommended for ages 2+. The RRP for these is £2.99 which is very reasonable.

Disclaimer: I was sent these books to review and was allowed to keep them. This in no way had any effect on the review. I will always write honestly about a product.